5 Spa Recommendations for First-Time Visitors

Others are terrified of being partially naked in the hands of a stranger in a room filled with odd sounds and smells.

If you fall into the latter category and have been putting off going to the spa for a much-needed spa day, I’d like to offer some advice – because I used to be terrified of those little pretentious-feeling spas. It doesn’t have to be that path — here are my five spa beginner suggestions and recommendations.

1. When making a reservation, ask a lot of questions.

Don’t be worried to ask questions when you call the hotel spa or the local retreat to arrange your reservation. They’re there to make you feel comfortable, not worried. Telling someone what you’re looking for – or not looking for, as the case may be – and letting them take you to the best possibilities is something I recommend to people. Spas’ websites are notoriously lacking invaluable information, so I’ve been known to phone multiple times to double-check everything.

2. Arrive early (and ask more questions).

Being late is the worst thing you can do for your spa day nerves, so make sure you come early. You’ll want to make sure you have enough time before your treatment to change and shower, if necessary and use the facilities. If you are late, spas often can cancel your appointment, and if you aren’t in the treatment room on time, they will almost likely shorten your treatment time. Also, if you have any other questions or if something is unclear, be sure to ask when you check-in.

3. Keep in touch with your doctor.

Nothing is more inconvenient than arranging a pricey spa treatment, laying down your clothes, and taking a deep breath only to be unpleasant and uncomfortable. Say anything if the room is too hot or cold. Tell your practitioner if you have a difficult location or a sensitive place. Let them know if this is your first visit! During the treatment, your practitioner should inquire if you are comfortable, but don’t wait for them to ask if you aren’t.

4. Schedule a spa day on your calendar.

You’ll be completely relaxed after a spa session. Please don’t ruin your afternoon by overscheduling it following the treatment. You’ll want to take some time to relax and take in all of the effects of your therapy. After a couple of glasses of wine, you’ll be ready to put your feet up by the fire and go to bed early, especially in the evening.

5. Stay hydrated

Finally, but certainly not least, hydrate! Before and after photos are shown. Most spas have excellent spa waters, so take advantage of them. There are several reasons for this: First, you’ll become dehydrated from all the hot pools and treatments – and most of us are already slightly dry. Second, massage and other detox treatments can cause a lot of the “gunk” in your system to be stirred up, so drinking plenty of water will help flush it out. Trust me when I say that a couple of glasses of water before bed will make you feel as good as rain in the morning.