Choosing The Perfect Massage For You

The massage therapist offers a variety of traditional massage techniques that allow you to choose the perfect nourishing and rejuvenating massage for whatever needs you may have. Regardless of the type of massage you prefer, always provide feedback to your therapist regarding pressure, temperature and specific concerns to ensure that you have the best massage experience possible. So what types of massage are most often done?


Swedish is the type of massage that most often comes to mind when people think of massage. This is a traditional oily massage of the muscles and soft tissues of the body that is performed using long flowing strokes. This technique brings relaxation to the body and helps the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Therapists usually use light to moderate pressure.


This technique uses strong penetrating strokes, usually oiled but can be done dry. Its purpose is to loosen and lengthen the deepest muscle layers. The therapist will apply pressure to the trigger point using the fingers, fists, arms and elbows. This type of massage has been shown to reduce spasms and break down muscle adhesions. But beware, deep tissue work can be painful but your body will thank you later!


This massage technique is known as a trigger point, also called Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. This massage technique is most often used to relieve muscle skeletal pain caused by muscle spasms.


Don’t let the name fool you, Sports massage is useful for anyone with chronic pain, injury, or range of motion issues. Sports Massage Techniques emphasize the prevention and healing of injuries to muscles and tendons.
Your massage therapist will generally concentrate on the specific problem areas that you have identified. Maybe you have a sore neck or stiff shoulders. This technique is often seen in spas.


Reflexology is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every part of the body.

Therapists skilled in the art of reflexology will apply acupressure and massage to the ears, hands and feet. The benefits of this technique are increased circulation, detoxification, and reduced tension. Some also believe that this will aid in the body’s ability to heal itself.


Prenatal Massage Therapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and the health of newborns.
Prenatal Massage Therapy is a combination of various techniques, one of which is Swedish Massage, which relaxes muscle tension and improves lymphatic and blood circulation. Swedish massage is the recommended prenatal massage method during pregnancy as it addresses many of the common discomforts associated with hormonal shifts during pregnancy.


Geriatric massage techniques address specific problems common to elderly individuals. Elderly clients tend to have increased fragility and sensitivity to touch. This style of massage is also sometimes taught to nurses and other care providers.

Interestingly, research supports the idea that touch can have a positive impact on physical and mental health.


Hot stone massage therapy uses hot stones to improve circulation and reduce pain. The therapist usually uses traditional strokes of Swedish massage while holding the heated stone. When the stone cools, the massage therapist will use another stone that is heated.

So, there you have the most common types of massage therapy. Choose one and experience for yourself what a great massage can do for you!